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naturesse – Products from renewable raw materials

We have to take on responsibility when it comes to the protection and preservation of our environment!

Practical measures are needed, in both the planning and the timely and effective realisation. A lasting contribution to the protection of the environment is hereby offered by packaging made from renewable, compostable raw materials. We are not talking about theoretical concepts, but about practical measures that can be implemented immediately.

naturesse products are EN 13432 certified and meet the corresponding requirements.

Under the umbrella brand of naturesse, Pacovis distributes a comprehensive range of packaging and disposable products made from renewable raw materials:

  • Disposable tableware
  • Packaging for companies that process food
  • Foils
  • Carrier bags



naturesse raw materials are CO2-neutral
There is one subject that is very important to all of us, especially in the field of disposable dishes.
Even now, renewable raw materials can make an important contribution to the preservation of fossil resources. Thanks to their CO2-neutrality, they are a great help in the protection of the environment, and are biologically degradable, thereby closing the recycling loop and fulfilling the principle of sustainability in a model way. The palm leaf and sugar cane lines in particular represent the recycling of waste materials: residual materials that would otherwise be discarded unused.



Accept the challenge and make a simple and quickly realisable contribution to the protection of our natural resources.

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Hanspeter Burri
Brand Manager naturesse
Tel. +41 56 485 93 72


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