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Pacovis introduced the first butcher’s additives to Switzerland in 1946

There are more than 100,000 entries in "Google" on Swiss websites alone under the keyword “Schinken” (= ham). This covers an area which we deal with every day in all its facets - and we‘ve been doing this for more than 60 years.

The new generation in liquid form

Our liquid VIANDASOL P (liquid phosphate without seasoning) and VIANDASOL PA20 (brine additive complete additives) combine the simplest handling with the security that the complete quantity of phosphate will be added to the meat in its completely dissolved form. The same process applies for the function and flavouring additives – which considerably improves the gentle, penetrating distribution and supports the micro-biological stability of the final product. In order to correspond to regional taste preferences, the curing brine that you produce with the Pacovis-brine additives can be supplemented with our liquid seasonings, fresh onions, garlic or roasted onion, without any problem.

Vianda brine additives – proven over years

The good properties of our dry complete mix (Vianda film ham, Vianda model ham) which optimise the protein solubility in the meat and the colour retention in the Tumbler process, have proved themselves very well and established themselves within the industry: On the one hand, they support the binding of the water and the integrity of the slices. Their subtle seasoning optimally supplements the curing aroma and brings out the full taste of the meat.


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