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1935  Establishment of Pakoba AG in Zurich Patisserie and confectionary equipment company
1984 Move from Zurich to Stetten – first cold-milling process in Switzerland
1994 Construction of warehouse/dry production
1997  Merger with Müller Weder, change of name to Pacovis AG
1999 Takeover of dairy business, establishment of Pacovis Amrein AG
2001 Launch of production in Romania
2002 Construction of warehouse/office building in Stetten
2003  Launch of Compost It
2005  Launch of Designline


Launch of Naturesse®

2006 Outsourcing of logistics to Planzer
2008 Launch of production in Turkey

Expansion of wet-production building (marinades and herb butter)

2011 Takeover of Unterweger, Austria, change of name to Pacovis Österreich GmbH & Co KG
2013 Takeover of MaWe-Pack, Germany, change of name to Pacovis Deutschland GmbH
2014 Takeover of Patzelt, Germany, change of name to Pacovis food solutions GmbH (2016)

Founding of Pacovis food solutions Österreich GmbH

2017 Expansion of wet-production building Pacovis food solutions GmbH, Sassenberg