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Pacovis Amrein – Responsible for milk and cheese

Technological know-how and innovative products as the basis for customer and market-oriented solutions. What made Pacovis AG so well known at the time to the dairy and cheese-making specialist has been carried on since 1999 by Pacovis Amrein AG. Since 2006, Pacovis Amrein Germany GmbH is also operating on the German market. This overview shows you where the focus lies today.

  • Rennet: calf's gut rennin (liquid or in powder form, also for Bio Suisse products) and microbial rennet at interesting prices
  • Supplementary and ancillary materials: aromas, extracts, yoghurt bases, cultures, enzymes, cheese surface treatments
  • Inhibitor tests: Delvotest antibiotics confirmation and quick tests, that provide gapless controls
  • Cheese and milk packaging: a wide range of proven standard packs, individually designed special packages, such as cheese labels, cheese and butter wrapping, milk and yoghurt packages, etc.
  • Cheese stamps (cheese passports): guarantees brand/logo protection and traceability

More information can be found on Pacovis Amrein AG Website.

Pacovis Amrein Deutschland

Pacovis Amrein Germany GmbH
Hasenbergsteige 14
DE-70178 Stuttgart

Tel. +49 711 505 369 80
Fax +49 711 505 369 81